A historic log cabin in the courtyard of the manor

From the Garden Cottage Arvo’s window you can see the manor’s old fields. They have been cultivated since the 1600s.

An atmospheric log cabin in the courtyard of the manor

The semi-detached house (Lyyti and Arvo) is located in the courtyard of the manor. A historic log cabin for two people with a private bathroom was built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Comfortable cottage accommodation

Arvo has 2 separate beds, sofa, TV, coffee maker and microwave oven. The bathroom has a toilet seat, sink and shower cubicle. The beds are already made. You cannot add an additional bed to the value. In the summer, you can get a portable fan in the room, and the window can also be opened.

The atmosphere of the manor’s courtyard

In the courtyard of the manor you will find old trees, including a 200-year-old larch. The cottage’s terrace has a grill, table and chairs.

There are only 2 low steps to the cabin, it is also suitable for people with poor mobility.

The manor’s bicycles can be used for free. The accommodation also includes the use of the sauna during the stay.

Pets are welcome.