(in english: “a find, or a treasure”)

Löydön Kartano is a historic manor house, which was built in 1860s in Ristiina (Mikkeli). In different historical periods the local celebrities, who have traveled around Europe and the Russian Empire and took part in the royal balls in St. Petersburg, lived in the manor.

During the long history of the manor its walls have seen wars, temperamental women, hardworking wives, artists, as well as engagements, weddings and funerals.

Löydön Kartano today

Löydön Kartano Ltd has started its activity in 2010.

Continuing development is the base of our work. The manor was reconstructed inside and outside in order to better meet modern demands.

We update our web page regularly by adding information on upcoming events, pictures of the manor from everyday life and celebration, as well as information about a great variety of services, which we believe will help you to organise your events.

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During all its history Löydön Kartano has a great influence on development at a local level, you can even find connections to the history of the state.

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Löydön Kartano Manor is located in the picturesque region of South Savo, Mikkeli.

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